Sweet Caroline Confections - Lollipops

Birthday Cake
Passion Fruit
Cotton Candy
Black Cherry
Green Apple

The most gorgeous lollipops you've ever seen. Imagine skipping down the street with one of these beauties in hand. Now that's livin'!

Enjoy Sweet Caroline Confections in five flavors

- Rosé Wine: Rosé Wine candy with gold flakes (1% Alcohol)

- Blueberry: Blueberry candy with gold flakes and silver stars 

- Marshmallow: Clear marshmallow flavored candy w/ sprinkles 

- Passion Fruit: Pink and purple with gold flakes

- Birthday Cake: Clear birthday cake flavored candy w/ colorful dot sprinkles

- Strawberry: Painted unicorn on strawberry flavored candy with gold flakes and pearl candies within. 

-Blackberry: Blackberry candy with tiny sparkles

-Candy Skull: Passion Fruit

- Vida Voyager: Cotton Candy

- Black Cherry: Clear with gold sparkles

- Green Apple: Green with gold flakes