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Rihla ring

Fay Andrada

Two smooth silver rings fused together to make one with a seam in the middle.  Beautiful and unique. 



Designer Fay Andrada founded the brand in 2010 in New York City where she lived for 25 years. She was raised in Connecticut by immigrant parents, her father, an architect from the Philippines and her mother, from Finland. Fay studied in New York, Paris and London earning a masters degree in graphic design. She discovered metalsmithing during a sabbatical year in Maine and has been making jewelry full-time for her collection ever since. After 2020, Fay relocated from NYC to Rhode Island with her partner and two children.



Using hammers, files, and flame, Fay designs her collection at her workbench. Forging the metal herself, she embraces the imperfection of the human hand. Subtle textures and organic lines emerge and define her sculptural pieces. The final product is made by Fay herself along with her small team of artisans in New York City and Rhode Island. 

Fay Andrada jewelry is minimalism that does not sacrifice imagination or beauty.



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