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Rainbow Candy Bead Necklace

Gather Brooklyn

Assorted semi precious stone beaded necklace, hand knotted on silk & finished with a lobster clasp.

Stones are hand picked unique to each necklace and may vary from the pattern shown.

In ROYGBIV order, each stone has a property to connect to your chakras. Bring light to your days and show your pride in all of us.

Amethyst // Crown - activate balance and peace

Pearl // Third Eye - connect your consciousness to the universe

Blue Lace Agate // Throat - empower your ability to articulate 

Jade // Heart - bring harmony and protection

Green Amazonite // Solar Plexus - guard against negative influence

Citrine // Sacral - enhance personal power

Moonstone // Root - facilitate strength and ground

18" length & 2" extender

- Hand-knotted 8mm beads on silk cord
- 12kt Gold plated Brass
- Spring ring clasp



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